Programmatically delivering travel intelligence.

Reaching travelers at scale.

ADARA uses exclusive, private data to connect brands with their most valuable customers. It’s the difference between finding people who are just browsing online and people who are shopping online.


Programmatic travel media is powerful and yet, to many, a difficult subject to comprehend. Some see it as the future of media buying. Some see it as a way to ensure smart spending. Others assume it’s an unnecessary expense.


NATIVE was brought on initially to solve the communication barriers for an audience with differing levels of understanding and point-of-view. To do that, we started with presentation decks. For many B2B organizations, the PowerPoint is the point-of-purchase — if the sales deck isn’t selling, the rest will suffer too. ADARA was no different, and ready to deliver a better message to both large conference crowds and smaller boardrooms.

We stripped the original message down to basics, then built it back up with ADARA’s audience in mind — speaking in their terms and relating points in a more entertaining and clear way. We considered which topics would memorable and built a dialogue around those moments.

Not only did we consider what the audience wanted, we included audience members by shooting a series of Q&As with industry experts. We didn’t seek an endorsement. We simply asked how they were leveraging data. Programmatic buying surfaced organically in those conversations, showing ADARA’s relevance in open conversations.


ADARA thought leaders can now present with more confidence and clarity of message. The delivery is more relatable and becomes a point of conversation beyond their sessions. As a highly concentrated version of their story, pitch decks are a great foundation for all other marketing channels.

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