Aparium Hotel Group

Hotels Done Differently

Translocal hospitality in Kansas City’s Crossroads.


Most hospitality brands say they offer local experiences. Aparium Hotel Group actually backs it up. Each Aparium hotel is a brand in and of itself that reflects the culture and history of the city surrounding it. Aparium tapped local architect El Dorado to renovate the Pabst and Pendergast buildings in the Crossroads district of Kansas City. NATIVE was selected as the local agency to lead naming, branding and marketing efforts.


First on the list: create a name and brand for the hotel that captures the rich history of the location. The hotel’s opening is slated for late 2017. The task at hand is transforming the historic buildings from this …

… into a guest experience true to Kansas City that rivals other Aparium brands such as The Iron Horse Hotel, Charmont Hotel, and Hewing Hotel. Pictured below is The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, to give you an idea of the atmosphere to expect in the Crossroads next summer.


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