Approach Tennis Event

Defining a world-class brand and positioning to match a world-class image.

Bringing the elite tennis event into alignment.

Approach is an elite tennis event inviting participants to play with world-class pros.


Approach came to NATIVE with a temporary logo and a proven idea. Their event programming was operating on all cylinders but their image, brand and marketing lacked the same level of sophistication.


NATIVE jumped into business model and ideal customer discussions. Before beginning work on the website, we took a step back to refine the brand identity. The name, web domain and logo were revised to match the direction Approach would be going.

Moving to the website, a hierarchy of information and user flows allowed us to lead with content messaging. As a young organization, we opted to launch a website we considered a minimum viable product. This allowed for a low-cost proving ground for how customers would reach the site and ultimately purchase event passes.

The idea of “up close and personal” influenced writing and art direction to communicate Approach’s unique offering: sharing the court with today’s internationally acclaimed tennis stars. With each event we revised the website based on participant feedback.


NATIVE provided a brand presence that matches the high expectations of the Approach customer. The website communicates event offerings and details clearly and drives online event pass sales.

“We wanted a team to enhance our brand globally. NATIVE has been exceptional. They are responsive, thorough, and their attention to detail second to none. We view NATIVE as part of the team and continue to use their expertise when planning all of our events.”

Jarred Snyder

Jarred Snyder
Founder, Approach

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