Evolve Digital Labs

A young organization going head-to-head with larger mature competitors.

Driving rapid growth.

Evolve Digital Labs drives customer acquisitions through search and digital marketing. Based in St. Louis, Evolve has doubled revenue and staff every year since its founding in 2008.


Just as it’s difficult to keep a young kid in clothes that fit, Evolve had outgrown their online presence. Big things were on the horizon. Their brand and digital marketing needed to catch up with the organization — the good problems that arise from exponential growth.

“A national PR push put us on the clock to relaunch our brand in a major way. I knew if NATIVE committed to the project, they’d deliver. Right away the team dove into fully understanding and challenging our business. Those early conversations were so critical.”

Derek Mabie
President, Evolve


First, we dove into Evolve’s philosophy, approach, and business model. Hours of in-depth discussions pushed both teams beyond the surface challenges. With a deeper understanding we started on sitemap, user flow, and wireframes. These deliverables were established early to give solid structure to content development. With a responsive website, our approach was content-first, enabling a mobile-first build that grew to a wide array of devices. NATIVE also earned the right to rethink Evolve’s identity and pitch decks during our 3 month timeline.


A company’s logo is the foundation of its brand aesthetic. Evolve’s growth, new website and content called for a refresh. The final logo set the tone for a simplified, clean, and modern look and feel.

logo redesign

Pitch Decks

Evolve’s point-of-sale is the presentation. It’s a critical point in the process that can never be overlooked. Streamlining was carried through the pitch deck which gained more visuals and lost all bullet points. Beyond the look, NATIVE shared pitch room war stories which led to some strategic tweaks to tighten up delivery and pace.

pitch decks

“The new format felt pretty good using it the first time. One client contact commented it was one of the best decks they’d ever seen.”

Derek Mabie
President, Evolve


The main objective was to communicate the advantages of Evolve’s process. Explaining their successes – not only hitting marketing goals but becoming a critical partner for their clients’ revenue generation – was job one. Along the way we made the site more actionable to increase qualified leads. Secondary objectives included improving ease of updates, building an adaptable framework, and communicating industry-specific expertise.


mobile wireframes

desktop wireframes


Evolve understands that explosive growth doesn’t continue on its own. Having leveled up over and over again, Evolve has earned a seat at the big boys’ table. The new identity, pitch deck, and website positioned Evolve well for their next step up at the exact moment it was needed.

The work is just beginning. Proprietary web applications are also underway which require strategy, user experience, and promotion. Clients such as Charter Communications and Merck demand the bar continually be raised on how complex topics and data are delivered.

“The designs were dead on right out of the gate. I didn’t get many chances to make those unreasonable client demands. They got a lot of quick approvals from me. The whole process was actually pretty fun to see take shape.”

Derek Mabie
President, Evolve

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