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Kansas-based craft beer favorite Tallgrass Brewing Company was growing steadily, with an increasing demand for their unique, high-quality beer. Steady growth prompted expansion into a new brewing facility in 2015. About the same time, NATIVE was tasked with improving content and social media to bolster their fan base and create more pull in the market.


Tallgrass had built up a loyal and engaged social audience. Creating enough content to keep up with new and seasonal brands was important. NATIVE focused on content creation, writing and Facebook ad strategy to spread the word.

Social Content

Drawing on the Tallgrass fun-loving culture and never-ending pop culture references, NATIVE created social content unique to the brand. How-to guides outlined bear survival tips for The Grizz Imperial IPA and the best wrestling moves for Top Rope IPA.

8-bit-style gifs showed off each beer’s unique style, from a running buffalo celebrating the last of winter for Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat to a nyan-cat Hops Rocket for 8 Bit Pale Ale.

All new social content was organized into a publication calendar, with microposts tailored to each social channel and suggested publication dates to coincide with brand releases.

Release Calendar

With so many new beers coming out, Tallgrass fans were sure to want to stay in the know. NATIVE created a quarterly release calendar to make it easy for fans to keep up. The calendar was made in both PDF and image form, for easy sharing on the Tallgrass website and social channels.

Fan Engagement

To celebrate the new brewing facility, NATIVE worked with Tallgrass to invite highly engaged beer drinkers to an exclusive brewery tour and tasting. The tour also gave Tallgrass a chance to try out formats for their future public brewery tours. Fans were selected and invited based on their previous engagement with the Tallgrass brand, their location, and their reach.

Fans congregated to take a tour through the new facility, taste new and experimental beers, and learn about the brewing and canning process at Tallgrass.

Brewery Tour

Brewery Video

NATIVE and Tallgrass partnered to create a video overview of the new brewery – the perfect way to introduce the new facility as well as showcase their irreverent culture, quality-driven product and dedicated internal team. It’s not Tallgrass content without some fun, of course.

Social Media Advertising

To reach craft beer drinkers across all of Tallgrass’ distribution areas, NATIVE developed a strategic social media advertising plan for promoting the new brands to both areas where Tallgrass already had a strong fan base, as well as new markets where they would be competing for new drinkers.


Increased Engagement

With new content to share, Tallgrass’ social media channels began to grow. Just in the first few months Instagram added 1800, Facebook 700, and Twitter 500 new followers. Organic engagement increased, resulting in 300% more replies on Twitter, and 166% more favorites and 125% more comments on Instagram. Facebook ads reached 188,000 carefully targeted beer fans, generating awareness and interest in Tallgrass’ beers in loyal and new markets.

Refined Messaging

Constant experimentation and a willingness to nix things that didn’t work led to a much better understanding of fans, driving confidence in content decision-making and aesthetic, which was essential as new beers were introduced to existing and new markets.

Actual Sales

The story isn’t complete without seeing a correlation between marketing efforts and revenue. Sales data showed the effect that paid media has on retail purchases – beers promoted in paid social media have faster movement through distribution and purchase.

“Working with NATIVE has been transformative for our brewery’s marketing. We’ve reached so many new fans with incredibly engaging photos, infographics, memes, GIFs and video. As our brewery has grown, their expertise, guidance and endless ideas have been crucial to communicating our message.”

Andrew Zender

Andrew Zender
Marketing Manager, Tallgrass Brewing Company

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