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In the fast-moving travel industry, adaptation and adjustment is key. Visit Tucson was embracing a lot of change: a revamped responsive web presence, overarching content strategy and a CRM workhorse for their internal team. Each assignment can be a huge time and energy investment. All three at the same time can quickly overwhelm.

NATIVE was engaged to advise on the CRM selection, website vendor selection and to develop a content strategy for the new and supporting channels.


The Right Platform for the Right Content

Differing technology solutions can be difficult to sift through. When it came to Visit Tucson’s new CRM solution, NATIVE evaluated each based on technological implications and industry-specific needs, allowing the team to see how each would affect both the bigger picture – lead nurture – and the day-to-day management for those who would be the end users of the tool.

Website trends and user needs are a constantly moving target. Our years of travel industry and web development knowledge meant we could pinpoint specific questions to ask vendors at all points of the RFP process. These insights ensured Visit Tucson the full range of services needed to build the next generation of their web presence.

With vendors in place, NATIVE conducted in-depth content strategy development for Visit Tucson. By reviewing Visit Tucson’s existing content, web analytics, user flows and keyword research, we identified what content was performing the best and worst – what to cut and what to keep. We helped Visit Tucson navigate the needs of its stakeholders and its audience, ultimately understanding where Visit Tucson can hold a unique position through messaging that users desire – and no one else is delivering.

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Visit Tucson was ahead of the curve in understanding the need to be agile and adapt in a constantly evolving digital landscape. Working with NATIVE has helped Tucson reach and communicate with travelers online in meaningful ways.

“Working with NATIVE is intelligence having fun. The creative collaboration brings a sense of ease and confidence that the work you’re doing will be impactful.”

Allison Cooper
VP Sales & Marketing, Visit Tucson

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