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Horses & Hooch in Lexington, Kentucky.


Over the past five years, Lexington, Kentucky has changed rapidly, becoming a richer and more exciting destination for travelers looking for a unique mix of culture, cuisine and craft.

To share the city’s distinctive atmosphere with potential visitors, VisitLex undertook a major video content initiative in 2016. They aimed to produce up to 100 videos for prospective travelers, many of which would be bite-sized, 15-second clips.


NATIVE was asked to create long-form videos to introduce the four pillars of the VisitLex message hierarchy, covering horse country, bourbon, beer and culinary arts.


NATIVE played the role of creative director and producer. We tapped frequent video partner Mammoth Media to shoot and edit. Mammoth’s style fit perfectly with the style and concept of this VisitLex video series. Over the course of seven days we toured, tasted and documented the sights and sounds of Lexington, Kentucky.

If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

The Horse Capital of the World


Bourbon Country


Beyond Grits


Brewgrass Trail


Like we said: pretty great.


All videos were posted to both Facebook and YouTube. Within days our favorite of the 4 started to catch traction on Facebook garnering 75,000 views with fan engagement 2268 shares and 142 comments. The most surprising stat is the media budget behind it: zero. The media plan was slated to start in the fall, so all views and engagement are purely organic.


“NATIVE understood our vision and brand, then merged it with their own creative ideas. Logistically, everything went very smooth as NATIVE had complete control of the project. The final product is one that all staff, city leaders, industry partners and locals absolutely LOVE.”

Gathan Borden

Gathan Borden
Vice President of Marketing, Visit Lexington

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